Duncan’s Latest Crop Report – August 2017

1st August 2017

Now we are entering the main growing season, Isle of Wight Tomatoes are be available in a huge range, customers really will be able to Taste the Difference, Isle of Wight potatoes are now in season as are local cucumbers and a limited supply of local courgettes. We expect local cauliflowers, broccoli very soon.


The mainland UK cauliflowers are in full swing prices are reasonable and size is reasonable, local Isle of Wight Summer cauliflowers are due soon.

Corn on the Cob
Fresh corn on the cob from the Arreton Valley is now available, order day 1 for day 2 delivery for lovely fresh local corn.

We are still using high quality Garlic Farm assured garlic only, for our garlic bulbs, black garlic cloves and smoked garlic bulbs. Having Colin one of the foremost garlic experts on our doorstep is an opportunity to ensure we stock the best garlic available supplied by the Garlic Farm.

Fine Beans
Local Isle of Wight fine beans are now in stock and available until late September, lovely fresh and straight from the Arreton Valley, these are a little thicker than the imported Kenyan beans.

Gourmet Baby Leaf
Our Gourmet baby leaf offering is a superb mix of the most delicate of leaves and now comes in a re-sealable 500gm bag, from Secretts Farm. This is ever popular at fine dining establishments and has an ever increasing loyal following for those who want the best.

All herbs are from our grower in the New Forest, Simon grows organic herbs on an idyllic farm in the New Forest near the village of Burley where he has been farming for over 30 years. In the summer months, with the use of some poly tunnels Simon and his team can supply a broad range of fantastic organic herbs. Over winter and when growing conditions don’t allow for UK production Simon uses his years of experience to import the finest organic herbs from Spain and Italy to keep his customers supplied throughout the year.

New Forest Lettuce heads are in full swing, we have fixed pricing until the end of the season expected to be early October but subject to weather conditions.

New Forest mushrooms are in good supply and consistent quality the texture is much better than imported due to be a day fresher as we collect direct from the grower in the New Forest. These are: Portobello, Chestnut and a Gourmet mix (Eryngi, yellow oyster, grey oyster and shiitake). Eryngi, Shiitake, Grey Oyster and Yellow Oyster are all available on a bought to order basis this ensures they are fresh to you straight from the grower though they are on a 24 hour lead time. We do still offer imported button and cup mushrooms where provenance is not an over riding factor.

Mainland UK new crop potatoes have started, we are collecting early chippers from the Isle of Wight and our mids are new crop Cornish. Washed Whites are now new crop though the bakers are still old crop but the move to new crop is imminent as the potatoes get larger as each week goes by.

Our strawberries are collected from the New Forest by our delivery vans daily as are local New Forest blueberries, we believe you cannot beat the local strawberries which are delicious.

We are only stocking new crop UK swede as we continue to support the domestic market where ever the chance permits.

The Isle of Wight tomato season is now in full swing for all varieties extremely tasty these award winning varieties are sure to please.

We supply watercress only from the renowned Secretts Farm as this is of the very best quality both in 500g and 100g amounts.


These have now reduced in price back to normal levels while the quality has improved at the same time. We expect the switch from Spanish to Dutch very shortly.

Baby Salad Mixes
We do a genuine Baby Leaf mix which remains our best seller, this is a fairly robust product and certainly not as delicate as the Gourmet mix from Secretts Farm.

Most citrus is now Southern Hemisphere both South African, Argentinian and Chilean though the limes are from Brazil or Mexico, product availability is plentiful and quality is good.

We are now stocking UK, Isle of Wight and Dutch cucumbers we will support our Isle of Wight grower with as much volume as they can allow us and make the balance up with mainland and Dutch.

Red Onions are Egyptian boxed which are excellent, the Spanish onions are now new season though the skins are very thin at the moment so shelf life is limited.

These are both Dutch and UK as we have successfully switched to the Northern European crops for the summer season.