Isle of Wight Ice Cream

Once upon a time there lived some pedigree dairy cows, they
happily grazed rich green pastures close to the sea on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

One sunny day they heard strange noises from the sea! Wise Wheatenbread Julia (the oldest cow in the herd) decided it was the ferries. They were bringing so much ice cream over (to feed Isle of Wight’s visitors and locals), they were literally groaning under the weight.

‘One Moooo-ment’ cried Julia! ‘Why is our milk being sent away and mainland Ice Cream being brought over? We produce milk twice a day every day, surely we can make some yummy ice cream to sell here?’

So in the days that followed, there was an ‘Isle of Wight Cow Convention’ at Riverway in Newport. It was agreed by the herd that Isle of Wight Ice Cream had to be made under the seven following rules;

1. Only Isle of Wight milk could be used
2. Flavours must be themed around the Isle of Wight
3. Isle of Wight Ice Cream should only ever be made on the Isle of Wight
4. It must be made by employees from the Isle of Wight
5. The ice cream must be delicious!

28 amazing flavours!

Bembridge-BubblegumBembridge Bubblegum
You’ll feel like a 10 year old at the fairground when you try this!


Blackgang-Blackcurrant-SorbetNEW Blackgang Blackcurrant Sorbet
Deliciously sweet and tasty blackcurrant sorbet with real pieces of blackcurrant!


Bonchurch-BanoffeeNEW Bonchurch Banoffee
Banana flavoured dairy ice cream with a sweet toffee ripple – a traditional favourite that you never tire of!


Carisbrooke-CoffeeCarisbrooke Coffee 
A dairy laden, refreshing ice cream with real coffee for a proper flavour!


Chale-Choc-n-OrangeChale Choc & Orange
A biscotti flavoured ice cream, rippled with oranges and dark chocolate.


Chillerton-Chocolate-Fudge-BrownieChillerton Chocolate Fudge Brownie
A milk chocolate ice cream with pieces of gooey fudge brownie and a caramel ripple!


Compton-CoconutCompton Coconut
A creamy coconut ice cream with a magically crisp milk chocolate sauce!


Cowes-Chocolate-RippleCowes Chocolate Ripple
An indulgent dairy ice cream with Belgian chocolate chips for that extra chocolatey punch!


Culver-Down-CookieCulver Down Cookie
A biscotti flavoured ice cream with crunchy cookies and a smooth chocolate ripple!


Freshwater-FudgeFreshwater Fudge
Smooth, dairy fudge ice cream, full of real fudge pieces!


Godshill-GingerbreadGodshill Gingerbread
No gingerbread men were hurt in the making of this aromatic ice cream… they dived right in!


Havenstreet-HoneycombHavenstreet Honeycomb
A silky, creamy dairy ice cream with sweet, crunchy honeycomb bits in!


Hulverstone-Hazelnut-CrunchHulverstone Hazelnut Crunch
A hazelnut ice cream ripple with chocolate, hazelnuts and wafers!


Luccombe-Lemon-SorbetLuccombe Lemon Sorbet
A zingy sorbet that is smooth and fresh!



Merstone Mango Sorbet
A deliciously smooth and rounded mango sorbet.


Mottistone-Mint-Choc-ChipMottistone Mint Choc Chip
Full of refreshing mint and crammed with dark chocolate chips!


Puckpool-Passionfruit-SorbetPuckpool Passionfruit Sorbet
An intense yet refreshing flavour. You will fall in love with it!


Robin-Hill-Raspberry-SorbetNEW Robin Hill Raspberry Sorbet
A very refreshing summery taste in perfect pink!


Rookley-Raspberry-PavlovaRookley Raspberry Pavlova
A luxurious take on the traditional raspberry flavour with meringue chunks in!


Ryde-Rum-&-RaisinRyde Rum & Raisin
A refreshing and tasty rum fuelled dairy ice cream, full of rum soaked raisins for good measure!


Sandown-Strawberry-CheesecakeNEW Sandown Strawberry Cheesecake
A delicious cream cheese dairy base ice cream with crunchy biscuit pieces and pink strawberry ripple!


Shalfleet-Salted-CaramelNEW Shalfleet Salted Caramel
Sweet caramel and contrasting saltiness wrapped in a delicious dairy ice cream with a scrumptious salted caramel ripple!


Shanklin-StrawberryShanklin Strawberry
A gorgeously creamy and fruity little number, full of flavour!


Tennyson-Triple-ChocolateNEW Tennyson Triple Chocolate
A wonderful chocolate ice cream with white chocolate chips and a dark chocolate sauce!


Totland-Toffee-CrunchTotland Toffee
A sweet, creamy toffee dairy ice cream loaded with toffee pieces!


Ventnor-VanillaVentnor Vanilla
A traditional favourite – a creamy and delicious dairy ice cream using real vanilla pods!


Whippingham-White-Chocolate-and-RaspberryWhippingham White Chocolate & Raspberry
A raspberry ice cream sweetened with a white chocolate ripple!


Wootton-Whiskey-and-CreamWootton Whiskey & Cream
An Irish cream flavoured ice cream rippled with a whiskey sauce!


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