terms & conditions

  1. This list cancels all previous lists.
  2. All products are offered subject to availability.
  3. Any damages or shortages must be notified at the time of delivery to either the driver or the sales office. Regrettably we are unable to process any claims made thereafter.
  4. Our drivers are not authorised to accept goods for return without prior notification.
  5. The Company shall retain ownership of all goods until payment has been received in full.
  6. Isle of Wight ‘AM’ deliveries are not subject to a minimum order value (subject to our fair usage policy). A minimum delivered order value of just £50 is applicable to all other orders, including Isle of Wight ‘PM’ deliveries and deliveries to the Hampshire & Dorset areas. Orders under this value will incur a delivery charge. Please contact us for a quote for delivery to other areas.
  7. We reserve the right to alter pack sizes and/or pricing without prior notice.
  8. All new customers are supplied on a ‘Cash-On-Delivery’ basis until our credit clearance criteria have been positively processed.
  9. Customers with credit facilities are required to settle their account by direct debit. Weekly accounts on the Tuesday of the week following delivery, and monthly accounts on the 14th of the month following delivery. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts and will do so in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Interest Act and Compensation Charges as revised from time to time.
  10. Cancellation of direct debits without prior notification / agreement will result in your account status being immediately changed to ‘Cash-On-Delivery’ only.
  11. Any cheques, direct debits or other payments re-presented, bounced or otherwise rejected by the bank will incur a £12 handling charge.
  12. Goods correctly supplied but returned as ‘unwanted’ will be subject to a 10% re-stocking fee. This is simply to cover the very real costs associated with picking, checking, transporting and administering the return of the product(s).
  13. Debit cards are accepted at no additional charge. Corporate credit cards are accepted but are subject to a 2% fee. Due to payment processing costs, all other credit cards will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.
  14. Once accepted, temperature controlled goods cannot be returned for credit unless faulty, for food hygiene reasons.
  15. Completing our account application form does not guarantee that credit facilities will be granted, however you will be notified by the accounts department if / when approval is granted or declined.
  16. Should the applicant fail to pay for goods and/or services provided for any reason resulting in The Company taking court action, we reserve the right to pursue the individual proprietors and/or directors named overleaf for the balance of the debt if it is not possible to make a claim against the business itself.


Should you need to collect, please phone the sales office beforehand with an approximate time of arrival. We will ensure your order is ready for you.


Orders can be placed up to 4:00pm with our telesales team or alternatively on our answer phone up to midnight for next day delivery. An added bonus for Isle of Wight customers is an afternoon delivery for any orders placed before 10:30am (Monday – Friday only).