A school trip to Briddlesford Farm

Medina Foodservice assisted with coordinating a visit by St. Blasius school children to Briddlesford Farm for an educational trip to see how their milk is made and where it comes from.

Caterlink, the Contract Caterers for the island’s primary schools were also present with the Operations Manager Yvonne Curran and Area Manager Jo Witty along with the company’s mascot JOJO.

The children were shown the dairy where the milk comes in along with the bottling plant and also the cheese making room. Those who wanted to sample were encouraged to try the cheeses and milk which went down a storm.

Paul and Christine Griffin from Briddlesford Farm explained how the processes work for the bottling of the milk and also how often cheeses need turning and how long they take to mature in the cheese room.

After changing into wellies, the groups moved on to see the cattle and the milking parlour.

Steve and Caroline Ross of Medina Foodservice were very happy to state their commitment for Medina Foodservice to use local produce where possible in order to keep fuel miles to a minimum.

The children ended the day seeing and stroking the baby calves which proved a great hit!