Duncan’s Latest Crop Report – May 2016

16th June 2016

The switch to Northern European salads and produce has now occurred, we are sourcing our salads mainly from the New Forest, the first of the English broccoli has now appeared, albeit later than usual. We expect local Isle of Wight courgettes towards the end of June or beginning of July along with local fine beans, local summer rhubarb is now available.


We are still using high quality Garlic Farm assured garlic only, for our garlic bulbs, black garlic cloves and smoked garlic bulbs. Having Colin one of the foremost garlic experts on our doorstep is an opportunity to ensure we stock the best garlic available supplied by the Garlic Farm. There are also new crop elephant garlic bulbs available on a Bought to order basis along with Elephant Garlic Scapes on a Bought to Order basis.

The Isle of Wight tomato season is now in full production, we only stock local beef and cherry tomatoes as the flavour and quality is far superior to imports as well as being fresher produce.

We stock the Classic Round tomato, Heirloom mix, Cherry Vine, Mini Plum and Golden Mini Plum all which are superb.

New Forest mushrooms are in good supply and consistent quality the texture is much better than imported due to be a day fresher as we collect direct from the grower in the New Forest. These are: Flat, Portobello, Cup, Chestnut and a Gourmet mix (Eryngi, yellow oyster, grey oyster and shiitake). Eryngi, Shiitake, Grey Oyster and Yellow Oyster are all available on a bought to order basis this ensures they are fresh to you straight from the grower though they are on a 24 hour lead time. We do still offer imported button mushrooms where provenance is not an over riding factor for customers.

Gourmet Baby Leaf
Our Gourmet baby leaf offering is a superb mix of the most delicate of leaves and now comes in a re-sealable 500gm bag, from Secretts Farm. This is ever popular at fine dining establishments and has an ever increasing loyal following for those who want the best. All the individual leaves used in the Gourmet Mix are also available in single leaf options on a bought to order basis to ensure the freshest leaf to you. A number of customers now take the Tatsoi and Red Chard regularly.

We supply watercress only from the renowned Secretts Farm as this is of the very best quality both in 500g and 100g amounts.

All herbs are from our grower in the New Forest, Simon grows organic herbs on an idyllic farm in the New Forest near the village of Burley where he has been farming for over 30 years. In the summer months, with the use of some poly tunnels Simon and his team can supply a broad range of fantastic organic herbs. Over winter and when growing conditions don’t allow for UK production Simon uses his years of experience to import the finest organic herbs from Spain and Italy to keep his customers supplied throughout the year.

Medina now has fresh new crop summer Rhubarb from Apse Heath, this is fantastic, full of flavour and best quality.

New crop mids have now started, initially our first offering will be Maris Peers lovely new salad potatoes, the skins can almost be rubbed off but being so new they are best stored in the fridge.


These are of good consistent quality and reasonable volumes, prices have stabilised recently these are now Dutch in the main.

Baby Salad Mixes
We do a genuine Baby Leaf mix which remains our best seller, this is a fairly robust product and certainly not as delicate as the Gourmet mix from Secretts Farm.

This is now swapping over to UK which has just started from Spanish which is finishing.

Summer UK cauliflowers have now started and are large and reasonably priced.

We are now stocking UK or Dutch cucumbers, where there is a choice we will take UK as we look at provenance of goods more. The Isle of Wight cucumbers from our local grower will appear in the next month though as always supply will be limited and her season is short.

Red Onions have now switched to Egyptian new season which are excellent quality and rock hard. We have switched normal onions to Tasmanian because the Spanish new crop are not ready yet they have not got set skins so they are soft and have no shelf life. Large Chillean have 25% waste in a sack as they are towards the end of season, the Tasmanian though smaller than we would ideally like do at least provide the best quality available with no waste and a very clean product.

These are now Spanish for the early summer period until the English crop arrives, which should be in the next month or so.

Now from Holland these are looking extremely good quality though prices are still a little firm as the supply increases we would expect prices to ease.

We are only stocking UK swede as we continue to support the domestic market where ever the chance permits.

No issues seen in the latest arrivals as we look to switch to the more elongated Spanish fruit.

We are mainly using Spanish fruit where product is in good supply and quality is good.

Spanish fruit is now in peak season, product is of a good size.

Good quality upon arrivals this week – Product is not showing any major quality issues. Good flavour . Slightly lower brix in the small sizes.

These have now switched to Southern Hemisphere, fruit is currently coming from South Africa and Argentina in the main.

Good products coming in firm and juicy flesh, supplies are mainly Mexican and Brazilian.