John-Pierre’s Latest Crop Report – April 2018

6th April 2018

With the arrival of Spring…


Savoy Cabbage
We have beautiful spring savoy cabbage from the Isle of Wight which we collect from the farm daily.

We are still using high quality Garlic Farm assured garlic only, for our garlic bulbs, black garlic cloves and smoked garlic bulbs. Having Colin one of the foremost garlic experts on our doorstep is an opportunity to ensure we stock the best garlic available supplied by the Garlic Farm.

Gourmet Baby Leaf
Our Gourmet baby leaf offering is a superb mix of the most delicate of leaves and now comes in a re-sealable 500g bag. This is ever popular at fine dining establishments and has an ever increasing loyal following for those who want the best.

All herbs are from our grower in the New Forest, Simon grows organic herbs on an idyllic farm near the village of Burley where he has been farming for over 30 years. In the Summer months, with the use of some poly tunnels, Simon and his team can supply a broad range of fantastic organic herbs. Over Winter and when growing conditions don’t allow for UK production Simon uses his years of experience to import the finest herbs from Spain and the Mediterranean areas to keep his customers supplied throughout the year.

Isle of Wight Gourmet Mushrooms are collected fresh from Godshill everyday, these are superb quality grown by Paul Metcalfe and show cased by celebrity chef Paul Martin on television.

Maris Pipers are from the Isle of Wight. All other potatoes are UK from the main crop, Washed Whites, Mids and Bakers of all sizes.

We have just started the New Forest strawberry season, these are very early season so prices are firm but as always quality is impeccable.

The Isle of Wight tomato season has now started. Presently we have cherry, cherry vine, large vine, golden mini plum, red mini plum, and Beefsteak. All have fantastic flavour and are picked at the ultimate ripeness. Loose round will be starting shortly but until they are readily available we are stocking a good firm Spanish tomato.

We supply watercress only from the renowned Secretts Farm as this is of the very best quality both in 500g and 100g amounts.


Baby Salad Mixes
We do a genuine Baby Leaf mix which remains our best seller, this is a fairly robust product and certainly not as delicate as the Gourmet mix from Secretts Farm.

French cauliflowers are available and a very good size with a superb white colour. We will switch over to Isle of Wight cauliflower as soon as it’s ready to crop.

All citrus is good quality at the moment. Limes are from Mexico and a lovely dark green. Oranges are Egyptian at the moment and looking very bright. Lemons are Spanish and looking particularly nice with unblemished skin.

We are still stocking a good Spanish cucumber and will continue until the English crop starts.

Currently we have a nice range of melons consisting of Galia (green flesh) Cantoloupe (orange flesh) honeydew (yellow) and some very nice watermelon.

Red Onions are UK boxed which are excellent. Spanish onions are now finished for the season. We will stock large onions from Chile as soon as they have a set skin, but until they are ready we have a good medium English onion.

We are stocking Spanish peppers both prepacked and loose. But as soon as Dutch peppers become more readily available we will switch over to them.

What’s Coming Up

We expect to see Isle of wight asparagus towards the end of April and it should continue well into June. Ben Brown does a great job with the asparagus and it always has a fantastic flavour.

In the next few months… English lettuce and new potatoes.