COVID-19 Business Update

Dear Valued Customer

We’d like to give you an update on what’s been happening here at Medina, as well as offer our assurances that we are putting plans in place every day to ensure that when you need us again, we will be ready for you.
On the 20th March, 95% of our customers ceased trading. This presented us with many things to consider to ensure that we could continue to supply our care home customers, schools (for the children of key workers), and the local authority with the food to make up care packages for the most vulnerable in our community. 
It immediately became clear that supermarket home deliveries were put under immense pressure and without scalability and adaptability none of them could keep up with demand, so we chose to open up our own web / app ordering systems to private households to ensure that those in need could get food deliveries, and also to ensure that we had as much work as possible for our staff. Regrettably we have still only been able to retain a fraction of our normal workforce as there is just not enough trade to warrant the full team. We are very much looking forward to welcoming the rest of our colleagues back as and when government stipulations and customer demand deems it necessary. 
With the exception of furlough payments, we have not qualified for any other government funding or grants and the last two months have been exceptionally stressful, with the remaining members of the team putting in more hours than ever in an attempt to ensure the short-term future of the business. I understand that there is a perception that we are exceptionally busy doing home deliveries, however the fact is that the business gained has not even scratched the surface of the business we have lost.
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