ordering online

Having introduced online ordering in January 2012, this has proved very popular indeed and an ever growing number of customers are taking advantage of how user friendly it is to:

  1. Place orders You are in control of what you order!
  2. See the products you are buying We have over 6,000 images of all the products we sell. Perfect for choosing which desserts to put on your specials board or getting and new ideas.
  3. Choose which specific items and quantities you require There is more information available to you.
  4. See all the latest and newest items we sell These are updated every night.
  5. Remind you of what you usually purchase The order card you see on the website is exactly as we have in our office.
  6. See the latest special offers Uploaded in real time.
  7. Know what you are paying Prices are displayed for everything.
  8. Access your current statement Available to print out.
  9. View your recent purchases See what you have purchased over the past 5 weeks.
  10. View and print your personal ‘stock and order’ sheet
  11. Do your ordering at your convenience at a time to suit you
  12. Save your phone bill

The search facility is second to none, should you be looking for a specific product. Please try it! We are certain you will be impressed enough to want to keep using it as many other customers are!

How it works

For a short step-by-step guide, please click here to download a PDF (this will open another window).

To start using the online ordering system

If you are already an existing customer and have not ordered online before, please register here so that we can set up an account for you.

If you are new to Medina then please read here about setting up an account and get in touch!