Staff Donor Recruitment Day for Delete Blood Cancer

Our amazing staff took part in a stem cell and bone marrow Donor Recruitment Day on 10 December 2014, for Delete Blood Cancer, at the Newport offices.

With just a 3% chance that one of them would match a patient in the next 10 years, it does happen! Sadly only half of the people that need a life-saving transplant receive one which is just one of the reasons why Medina are proud to support such a worthy cause.

The recent stories surrounding two young children on the Isle of Wight over the last year has heightened awareness locally, with Islanders turning up in their thousands to see if they can help someone.

The lack of donors in the UK is probably (partially) down to lack of knowledge, so we are hoping that by us sharing this experience more people will be encouraged to read up a little and join the register – it really is easy!

You can read a little more on the Delete Blood Cancer website and also on Anthony Nolan.

If you’re uncertain as to what the process involves once you’re on the register, Anthony Nolan have a great little video here.

We plan to hold another event open to all our customers and the public in January 2015 so please do join us if you have any questions to ask Delete Blood Cancer and/or to register yourself.

Here are some photos of just a few of our Medina heroes!