The Knorr Knife for Life Collector Scheme is back! Chop Chop!

What is the Knife for Life Collector Scheme?
It is a scheme where you can redeem codes against a choice of three I. O. Shen knives. You can join the scheme by registering online at

The unique codes are found on packs of Paste and Jelly Bouillon (placed inside promotional stickers on the lid of the product).


I. O. Shen knives are a Japanese brand for professional kitchens. The knives are known for their exceptional quality which is why chefs really like them!

What is the choice of I. O. Shen knives?
25cm-Bread25cm Bread Knife (15 codes)



Sahm-Khom-SlicerSahm Khom Slicer (20 codes)



24cm-Chef24cm Chef’s Knife (25 codes)



Why are Knorr doing the collector scheme this year?
Because it was such a GREAT success in 2014!

What is different to this scheme compared to last year?
The collector scheme now includes Jelly Bouillon as well as Paste. They have a brand new selection of knives available to redeem the codes against.

When does the collector scheme start?
The promotion will run from 1st May to 30th November 2015. The opportunity to bank codes and redeem any unclaimed points will last until 30th November.

You’ll need to get in quick though – there was huge demand last year!

Which bouillon packs are included in the scheme?
Knorr Paste Bouillon 1kg and 2kg

Knorr Professional Jelly Bouillon 800g